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Kedares Festival

The local village festival in Kedares is a great chance to witness true Cyprus culture. The mountain village of Kedares retains its traditional character and customs. The annual festival (which takes place in August) offers a cultural feast of music, dancing and local traditional food, along with a chance to sample the region’s famous ''Resi''.


Cyprus resi is the most traditional dish of Cypriot marriage wedding and found at the area of Paphos. Resi is a dish of wheat and lamb pilaf, served at weddings. The Resi offered to guests at the feast and the fun that followed the wedding ceremony at the old times.

Both the process of preparation and cooking is part of the ritual of the traditional Cypriot wedding and judging from one of the two main ingredients of wheat, the story should be lost in the mists of time and reaches the ancient cuisine.

On Thursday before the wedding night all the relatives gathered to wash the grain, to be used in the manufacture of vices, with the accompaniment of violin and lute songs. On Friday night, gathered all his relatives again, to beat the wheat with "faoutes (to break the hard shell of wheat) and fired more easily, this traditional food.


Pictures from previous festivals.








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